Non Surgical Face Lift

Non Surgical Face Lift

If you want to reshape your face or look years younger without plastic surgery, we offer the latest innovations in non-surgical face treatments that require little to no downtime without the risk of plastic surgery. Some of the cosmetic and facial treatments we offer include:

Botulinum toxin injection

It is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures of all time. What’s more impressive is that it simply continues to grow in popularity year after year.It is a safe, reliable injectable medication, which blocks the actions of certain nerves. For wrinkles, this means relaxing the muscles that crease the skin or pull the skin down. For excess sweating, it disables the nerves, which stimulate the sweat glands.
  • Smoothing wrinkles and folds
  • Forehead worry lines
  • Between the brows frown lines
  • Crow’s feet at the sides of the eyes
  • Vertical lines around the lips
  • Dimpling of the chin
  • Lifting the eyebrows and corners of the mouth
  • Relaxing vertical neck bands
  • Reducing the frequency and severity of migraine and tension headaches
  • Relieving excess sweating (hyperhidrosis) in the palms, face, underarms and soles of the feet
  • Eliminating the pain and discomfort of teeth grinding and TMJ
  • Decreasing the frequency of migraine headaches
Properly done, injections should result in a relaxed and smoothed facial appearance where you can still make facial expression. it can make your eyebrows arch a bit higher to open your eyes more. It can soften the angry appearance of the “11″ lines and the downturned mouth , can actually lift up the corners of the mouth. It can also reduce the worried appearance of a lined forehead. All of this can be done without making you look unnatural. Subtle, natural facial relaxation is what you should expect from your treatment.

Facial enhancements with filler injections

Dermal fillers use safe substances like hyaluronic acid to create volume under the skin. Precise placement and accurate amounts of filler are required to reshape facial features or skin. There are many facial changes that can be discreetly accomplished with facial filler injections. 

Some of the procedures we offer using dermal injections include:

  • Tear troughs/under-eye filler
  • Jawline contouring
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Midface
  • Lip enhancement
  • Marionette line
  • Wrinkle treatment

Thread lift procedure

The PDO (Polydioxanone) thread lift uses bio absorbable surgical sutures placed into the subdermal layer of the skin to initiate collagen production. The procedure can result in increased firmness and elasticity of the skin in the treated area. it has become a minimally invasive procedure to traditional facelifts for patients who are not ready to undergo a surgical procedure.

3 main purposes of the threads are lifting lax skin/tissues, strengthening tissues to fight skin creppeyness, and volumizing hollowness while also improving skin texture.Depending on your concern the provider will choose appropriate threads and amount to be used.

The expected downtime with this procedure is 24-48 hr, although certain people may take longer time to heal. The results are seen immediately after with dramatic improvement seen months ahead after collagen stimulation process starts.