Acne Scar Therapy

Acne Scar Therapy

Acne may come and go, but scars remains remain forever!

What are acne scars?

Acne scar results due to an altered wound healing response to the inflammation caused by acne.

Scars can be atrophic or hypertrophic depending upon the response of the underling tissue.

Various factors play a role in acne scar development but delays in acne treatment and the severity of acne are the two most important factors leading to the impairment.


What can you expect at our clinic regarding scar management?

  1. A detailed history taking, examination, proper consultation and explanation regarding various treatment modalities.
  2. A thorough guide of the treatment plan.

There is no single treatment modality that appears to be a magic wand for the scar management, hence our signature acne scar modulation therapy has various treatment options to choose from. We target the tissue at all levels of the skin right from the subcutaneous layer up to the epidermal layer.